Experience the techniques of betting and playing


A player out of the four players on the table has to place a bet that must be made before actually seeing the cards that have been dealt with the player this is known as blind. A next player in the clockwise direction will have to place the next bet followed by the next and you wanted to play or fold.

Let’s say the blind is of dollar 2 and the game is moving in the clockwise direction with you have to choose to go ahead in the game with a bet that is equal to higher than the previous bet.


The cards in hand are six of clubs and a five of spades with community cards being eight of diamond, tens of spades and a king of hearts. Your hand seems pretty weak at this moment and it is a great option to fold the game but for a secure basis it is an option to play with a minimum bet if the bet amount is little less, just in case if the amount is high it is not advised to play the bet nor with bluff or taking risks while waiting for the other community cards to be revealed. As the game moves on it is necessary to keep an eye on the moves of opponents. It is necessary to know what time is right for the folding of the cards and not going any further in the game. If the player is not placing a bet it is an option to go for a check. It gets easy to play the poker game using the apk poker version which keeps the record of your gameplay.

Tips and tricks for better poker play:

The slow bet is an important bet and it is easy to pull the same in the game of poker. If a player has strong cards in the hand and he wants to get the maximum out of the same it is necessary to keep increasing the bet slowly with the other players not really knowing that you are forcing them to keep increasing the amount in the pot. The apkpokeronline android version can really help a person to experience some great graphics and try to win some money along with having the best entertainment of gaming by using your Android device. Poker gaming is a lot more fun.

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